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Fantom Elecode


Enter the new era of Door Security with Elecode

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"Our vision is to create a product that enhances our living standards and reflect modern advancement in technology, by removing the dependency on keyed entry to our homes and business." At Fantom hardware we stay at the forefront of innovation. 
Following on from our flagship product "Fantom magnetic doorstop" we are introducing Fantom Elecode. A precision made, state of the art door entry handle incorporating Japanese technology that we anticipate will change the way we think about home and office security. 
Utilising a concealed key pad Elecode allows a keyless entry for up to 16 people each with their own unique entry code. Elecode is the evolution of home security.
Fantom Elecode Installation Instructions
1. Carefully undo screws that hold your existing handle in place.
2. Pull handles away from door and remove.
3. Remove screws from face of latch
4. Slide latch out of door to remove.
5. If required drill deeper into door to allow for the Elecode striker.
6. Install Elecode striker ensuring connection cable is sticking through into non-locking side.
7. Install the locking handle first by feeding the cables through so they protrude through to the other side of the door and positioning the handle into the locators on the striker latch.
8. Lift the inside handle to the door and connect the single cable to the corresponding cable coming from the striker plate
9. Connect the second larger cable to the corresponding cable coming from the locking handle on the other side.
10. Locate the handle into the latch locators being sure the cables are tucked away neatly in the cavity of the door
11. Be sure to hold the handles together safely against the door.
12. Screws provided may need to be cut to length and then screw the front screw first due to the easy access.
13. Once first screw starts to tighten pull down handle to expose the second hole and start screw. Tighten both screws when happy with function.